Swedish country duos + the survival brain: My Favourite First Aid Kits


I have 2 favourite First Aid Kits:  both can really help me feel better quickly.

The first is a Swedish pair of sisters who sing devine alt-country folk inspired harmonies and whose song-writing I just adore.  Their voices could light up the coldest darkest winter day in Stockholm and make it feel warm and full of possibility.

The second though, is the one I’d actually like to share with you over the coming weeks.  It’s my own First Aid Kit of simple self-care practices that I can wheel out whenever times are challenging.

These are my Top 10 Tips for Troubled Times:  Self-care tools to build resiliency and regulation

I’ve built this up over a long period of time, and I’m excited to share it with you.  These are the things that have made a really made a massive difference in my own life, and in those of my clients.  And they’re the tools that amazing teachers from around the world have shared with me, that really work. And I’m really excited to pass them on to you.

This knowledge can be such a game changer!

Here’s what I’m going to share with you over the next weeks:

  Building Blocks for your First Aid Kit:  In my next post, first I’ll share with you your basic kit of understanding, that you can then put your Top 10 Tips inside of………..

  • The 3 things you need to understand, to really ‘get’ what happens when we are overwhelmed, or stuck because of past difficult events – neurophysiology, in simple English
  • The keys to calming the survival brain and settling the nervous system

  My Top 10 Tips for Troubled Times  

  • Step by Step, over the next weeks, you’ll get a guide to help you build your own First Aid Kit for getting out of overwhelm
  • With each Tip there’s a simple exercise or practice, that you can build into your daily routine, in order to help build resiliency and regulation in your nervous system

And to get you going, here are a couple of items that I’ve collected from both my First Aid Kits:

   My favourite picture of the human brain (I’ll simplify this further in my next post, in case you’re not an anatomy & physiology geek…. I confess I kind of am…….)

This is the incredible ‘Brain Forest’ by Dr Stephane Treyvaud

The Brain Forest copyright Dr Stephane Treyvaud 2012







    A fabulous song from the other (Swedish) First Aid Kit:  My SIlver Lining

And if you listen to the lyrics, this can really be applied to recovering from trauma.

It’s not an easy road, but if you keep going, step by step, you will surely get there.  And there are many Silver Linings waiting on the other side.

Welcome to the journey!   

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